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11/03/15 08:19 AM #86    

Paul (Butch) Bird

Heather.....I have those same, early connections to the old High School and none, whatsoever to the new buidling, which is why I had no interest in touring the "new" IHS.  However, the tour of the old building brought back a flood of memories for me.  I was also in Mrs. Zackis's kindergarten class.  (I thought her name was Mrs. Ackis, phonetically!!)  Her classroom was on the first floor SE corner of the school, which years later became the art room, for Miss Burgess.   I was only 4 years old when I started kindergarten.....making it just under the wire for admission.  My best friend was Bruce Verratti.....and he and I were in the same classrooms through the 4th or 5th grade...the latter being Mrs. Morris' classroom up the staircase at the other end of the school.  I think Nancy Vaupel was in that kindergarten class...and maybe Nancy Asp, too.  Cathy Almond ?

As a first or second grader, I remember the "fire" drills or "bomb drills" when we were walked out into the halls, with our faces against the walls!  

And, after a short interruption to Florida in my gth grade, I returned to Islip in the 2nd week of my 7th grade and stayed until 1965.  I grew up alongside Bruce Verratti and we were in the same classes from kindergarten to 4th grade, when they separated us because we talked all the time!!!   Thanks for remembering!



11/03/15 09:15 AM #87    


Joan Gilday (Edmonds)

We have two birthdays today--Sandy Farrell Carine and Al Zator. Happy birthday to you both.

11/03/15 10:40 AM #88    

Arthur Weisser

I was in Mrs. Zackis' class also! I just came across some slides of Kindergarten graduation day,Gary Scaper,Neil Blam and me in our Maroon and white gowns on the front lawn of 401 Main.

The A/V room wow. How about the Faculty(Men) and Faculty(women) rooms. If you went by when someone opened the door to either you were engulfed by a huge cloud of second hand smoke.

11/04/15 08:36 AM #89    


Joan Gilday (Edmonds)

Becky, I just emailed you the pages of our 1965 yearbook that showed the teachers.  Enjoy!

Everyone else, I still don't recall the A/V room.  What classes went there for movies?  Perhaps Science, Foreign Language--if I went there, I must have slept through the show!



11/05/15 12:27 PM #90    


Margus Muurisepp


11/06/15 09:52 AM #91    


Becky Blau (Bleicher)

Joan: I did get the attachment! Thanks so much for sending me that. It did jog some memories. :) It's nice to see people from FIFTY (argh) years ago, eh?? LOL

11/06/15 01:22 PM #92    

Arthur Weisser

I think "health" classes used it for THOSE films.  Boys and girls separated for their own films.

11/07/15 01:17 AM #93    

Paul Newman

Biology--the good the bad and the...Ooooo yuk!!

Now as I recall, Biology was the first of the three "hard" science classes we had to take.  I believe it was in 10th grade and was taught by the famous and dapper Mr James Soldo.  The best part for the male half of class... And probably the one that repulsed most of the female half was the lab.  In particular, the main event was dissecting a poor hapless frog heretofore pickled in formaldehyde.   Way cool!

Too bad for kids today that only get to do this on a computer through simulation.  I tell ya there was nothing like going home smelling of formaldehyde.

Anyone got memories of that?

11/07/15 08:17 PM #94    


Joan Gilday (Edmonds)

I only remember sex ed films once in the cafeteria. I think it was our junior year-likely too late for some! I'm not sure what the boys got to see in the A/V room!

11/08/15 05:39 PM #95    


Gary Crawford (Ph. D. )


   I do remember seeing a sex education film there.  It said something like dont go to new york city and frequent prostitutes and smoke marijuana or bad things would happen...did some of those things anyway in my prime...wont say which ones!

   Actually I later drove taxi in manhattan for awhile..pretty intense...

11/12/15 10:08 AM #96    


Sarah Voorhies (Uva)

I remember sex education in or around  7-8th grade, not in the cafeteria or AV room, but in one of the smaller class rooms.  I don't remember if it was coed or not, I thought it was though. Also saw a movie in the auditorium through the Girl Scouts that my mom attended with me, but that had to be a few years earlier. 🤔😳

11/12/15 06:57 PM #97    


Gary Crawford (Ph. D. )


   Who were your heroes back then?  and now?  "We stand today at the edge of a New Frontier; my call is to the young in heart, regardless of age, the stout in spirit regardless of party.  I am asking each of you to be pioneers of that New Frontier."  My hero was college it was RFK.. When I was 8 it was Davy Crockett.  In sports it was Mickey Mantle.  Now it is Ram Dass.  Who were yours?  Then? Now?

11/13/15 05:55 PM #98    


Becky Blau (Bleicher)

I had some weird heros in my early years: Troy Donahue - I was madly in love with him; the Beatles - they were wild and free and everything I wanted to be; JFK - his presidency was electric and almost surreal, definitely American royalty. Now I have no human heros. I'm a Christian so Jesus is my one and all. :) ALL humans are fallible. I volunteered for about 10 years for an online help and safety organization. We were looking for a spokesperson, and every one we looked at goofed up somehow, so we went to Marvel Comics and had some super-heroes from that venue be our spokespersons. The folks at Marvel Comics were great letting us use the images.

11/14/15 04:54 PM #99    

Paul Newman

Coming from many places....

Now a few moments for  all of us, as we think about our class, to remember that we came from many places... geographically, country of origin, religions, political orientation, a few different languages spoken at home, etc.  Most of us had been together in classes starting back at kindergarten (I actually started kindergarten in East Islip, but transferred later), but occassionally we had some additions.  Quite a few of our classmates, (and in my case my neighbor) actually were educated elsewhere and joined later... I specifically refer to our classmates that joined from St. Mary's in East Islip.  There were also several of us that joined from what was then refered to I believe as "the orphanage"... Brookwood Hall, also in East Islip.  We all came from different places, but nevertheless were launched into the next phases of our lives knowing a bit more as a result of experience at Islip High School, and I think the experience was all the richer because of it..,



11/14/15 09:18 PM #100    


Gary Crawford (Ph. D. )

Yep it is hard to have heroes these days.  No more politicians to look up to...that is for sure.  I forgot Bob Dylan.  I was in Islip from 8th grade but in the area much longer as were my parents.  

11/15/15 06:56 AM #101    


Becky Blau (Bleicher)

Bob Dylan was the first concert I ever went to! It was in Garden City I think. At first he had his band with all the electric guitars, etc., but then it was just him for the last half of his show. Dylan, his guitar, and his ever-present harmonica :)

Just recently I bought a brass-like bed (can't afford real brass LOL), and Lay Lady Lay has been running through my mind.

Ah, those were the days :)


11/15/15 02:05 PM #102    


Gary Crawford (Ph. D. )

Comic book heroes...oh yeah I liked the Silver Surfer...he was cynical, philosophical, rebellious,,,I think most of that was lost when they made the movie :  "Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer"

11/16/15 10:01 AM #103    

Arthur Weisser

Brookwood Hall. Now another Islip Town Hall annex. Remember Pat Williams? Dyson Samuels? There were others but I can't recall names.

Heroes for me Grahamm Hill,Jack Brabham,Jim Clark. More than one automotive mishap trying to emulate their  deeds. I agree with hero politicians anymore.

11/16/15 01:26 PM #104    


Gary Crawford (Ph. D. )

Artie - Looked up Jacob Brabham on expanded my knowledge base on race car driving which I knew little about.  Ever do any of that yourself?  Islip that still there?  

     I remember Bayard Cutting Arboretum and had some pleasant times there.  Bill Bradley was also somewhat of a hero and I was interested in his political career a bit...

11/17/15 02:54 PM #105    

Arthur Weisser

Islip speedway is long gone..commercial properties are there now. I never did get involved in formal racing. The closest I came was driving my Alpine around the track at Bridgehampton race course which too is now defunct.

12/10/15 06:38 PM #106    

Arthur Weisser

Just wanted to let everyone know that I just learned of the passing of Angela Perry's (Sarno) Mom, Helen Beninati. We are sorry for your loss ,Angie.

On a happier note, Tom Coen will be on television this weekend judging the Eukanuba dog Show's herding group. It is being held in Orlando and being televised 0n channel 245 on sunday evening. It may be on another channel in different areas.

12/11/15 07:24 AM #107    


Lynn Stensen (Maffie)

Thank you Artie...  Deepest Sympathy to Angie's family.  Looking Forward to seeing the Dog Show.  A very Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year to all....Love Peace Enjoy....Lynn


12/18/15 08:16 AM #108    

Arthur Weisser

I just learned of Roger Bleidner's passing. Many of us enjoyed his 6th grade class in the then new Sherwood elementary school. He was 84 years old so was probably in his late 20's when he taught us.

I used to see him around town fairly often but had not seen him in some time.

I will attend the service this afternoon.

09/07/16 03:45 PM #109    

Paul Newman

Sad News---


I just learned my neighbor, friend and schoolmate ('64 ) Karen Hanff passed away last year.  She was a good friend and will be missed.  Here is a link to her obit:

09/05/18 02:23 PM #110    


Joan Gilday (Edmonds)

Sad news--I just learned of Angela (Angie) Perry Sarno's passing on January 18, 2018.  She left behind her husband, Sal, and two sons.  So sad to hear of another of our classmates leaving us.


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